Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Only A Bit More To Go!

I realize that I have become gradually worse about updating this blog, and I am really sorry. I have been busy these past few weeks, preparing both to be ending my stay here in Yamamoto as an English teacher in the end of July, and also preparing for an Eagle Scout from Utah that visited Yamashita JH this past Monday until today.
Sterling, the Eagle Scout, and his mother, Wendy, came to my school for 3 days with supplies they had collected in Utah for Yamamoto. Sterling is a soccer player and had the idea to collect soccer supplies for the kids at my school, and actually through this blog they found out about the needs in Yamamoto. Sterling came with his mom and stayed at a Buddhist Temple about a 5 minute walk from Yamashita JH, and then during the day Sterling took classes with my 9th graders and Wendy helped in the English class. Sterling also practiced with the soccer team after school. I had no idea how it was going to turn out, but after he left today, all my students kept telling me that they wished he had stayed longer (especially one girl who thought he looked like Justin Bieber and fell in love with him), and it would have been nice if he could have. 3 days was enough to get a taste of Yamamoto, but a week, or even a month would have given him more of a chance to settle in and digest the experience more. Well, there will always be next time!
Wendy also contributed to the Yamamoto Fund, which put be a step closer to $20,000. I actually did not realize how close I was until this week, and with a little more help I will make it there.

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  1. hey man,

    i think i'm your successor. Yamamoto town, just got my placement. after checking this out,, i thought i'd get in touch with you and get the lowdown. somehow stumbled upon your blog. very honourable, i'm looking forward to doing what i can myself. contact me at jeffgullen@gmail if you've got the time, would like to know what my living arrangements will most likely be under the circumstances. cheers.