Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank you everyone

Thanks to everyone's support, $20,463 was collected to Yamamoto, and finally transferred to town today, July 28th. The money was transferred to Yamamoto Town designated for use by the schools. So the schools will be able to buy what they want and deduct money from the account.
It has been a long past few months. The town is better off than it had been, but there is still a long and bumpy road that needs to be traveled until recovery will happen. Talk has finally started about where to rebuild the train station, where people can rebuild their houses (the government doesn't want them close the ocean), and other basic things.
I will be leaving Yamamoto on Saturday as my contract ends.

If you are still interested in donating, please contact me. The accounts for the Yamamoto Fund have been closed, but there are other ways to help.

Thank you all for you help!

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  1. Andras- can you please contact me as soon as possible. I am with the Central Bucks Rotary and we recently received a large donation from you alma mater in your name. I can be reached at